Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad

Gynae PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad: The largest city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad has become one of the largest industrial hubs of the state. The city is home to various industries. Businesses, including pharmaceuticals. Women’s health problems have significantly raised the demand for gynae products. As a result, many pharma professionals are looking for franchise opportunities as they want to set up their businesses in the city. Various pharma companies are offering gynae PCD pharma franchises in Ahmedabad.

One of the most well-known brands in the pharmaceutical industry, BioBrick provides a range of high-quality goods and pharma franchise services in Ahmedabad. Over 250 healthcare items have been produced by the company, with more than five years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to making high-quality gynaecological products, BioBrick Pharma provides gynae PCD Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad to those in the pharmaceutical industry.

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A Highly Reputed Pharma Company: BioBrick Pharma

Biobrick Pharma is a well-known pharmaceutical company with more than five years of experience in the Indian pharmaceutical market. We possess one of the best production facilities in the country to meet the demands of our clients. Every day, a highly skilled crew puts in a lot of effort to give the populace the best medical supplies. The DCGI has recognised more than 250 of our products. People’s health is our priority, so we strive to give the most excellent pharmaceutical products available.

Based on reliable research and data, high-quality compounds are used to make products. We only use substances for manufacture that have received DCGI approval. Our cutting-edge infrastructure is used in every aspect of the production process. We also have a specific team of motivated workers who evaluate the composition of the product’s effectiveness. If any items fulfil our requirements, the complete sample is kept, and production is restarted from scratch.

  • 250 High-Quality Products
  • Half a decade of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Quality Assured Production of our Products
  • Excellent Manufacturing Facilities with Latests Equipment
  • DCGI-Approved Molecules are Utilised
  • WHO and GMP Guidelines are Followed
  • Extensive Storage Facilities with Clock Ventilation

A Wide Variety of Gynaecological Products Made in High Tech Facilities

One of the most widely known product lines belongs to BioBrick. Many women have put their trust in us and used our healthcare products for their health since our gynaecological range is the most effective on the market and has significantly impacted women. The most popular option among pharma owners for gynae pharma franchises is BioBrick. We are the ideal choice for a PCD pharma franchise in Ahmedabad because of our services and high-quality products. Here is a peek at some of the high-quality gynaecological goods available through our pharmacy business.

Brand Name  Composition
DROSCA-D Mefenamic Acid
DROSCA-M Drotaverine HCl
FUNGZY-150 Fluconazole 150 Mg
SCAMOM Protein Supplement
V-SCALO Intimate Wash
SCOBACT Pre & Pro Biotic
SCAMIC Tranexamic Acid
CEMZON-1 Ceftriaxone
VITOCAM-L Vitamin B-Complex
OLIZON-S Sucralfate + Oxitacaine
CELZON GEL Magaldrate + Simethicone
APILEX-PLUS Liquid Paraffin, Milk of Magnesia & Sodium Picosulphate
OMIKAS-20 Omeprazole 20 Mg
PROGIK-200 SR Progesterone 200 Mg


Benefits of Starting Your Own Pharma Franchise Business.

The health industry is challenging to succeed in. Thus, starting a franchise business, there is difficult. Because of this, it is almost impossible nowadays for business owners to launch a medical company from scratch. Contrarily, PCD enables professionals to take advantage of the advantages provided by the pharmaceutical industry with little risk and expense. In the pharmaceutical industry, companies and individuals can benefit from supporting one another’s growth.

  • Low and Varied Investment Rates
  • Advertisement Support
  • Promotional Services for Growth
  • Monopoly Rights on Various Products
  • Low Cost for Setup
  • Minimal Risk on Business
  • Timely Deliveries of Products

Why Choose BioBrick Pharma For Pharma Franchise in Ahmedabad?

The ideal business for a pharmaceutical franchise in  Ahmedabad is BioBrick Pharma. We were the best option for a gynae PCD pharma company because of our high-quality selection of gyne items and other services. We respect the professional’s time and finish the products by the due date. Before our logistics crew send any products via the extensive supply chain network, we ensure they are safe and secure in our substantial storage facilities.

  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Large Storage Facilities
  • Monopoly Rights
  • Quality Assured Team
  • Quality Healthcare Products
  • Large Manufacturing Plants
  • Various Certifications from national and international agencies
  • Machines are regularly cleaned or serviced
  • Business Transparency


BioBrick is the best option if you’re a pharma professional seeking for a great firm to launch a pharma franchise. We consistently work to develop our products and stay one step ahead of competing businesses. We look forward to working with you and wish you success in your next pharmaceutical endeavours.


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