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Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer in India

Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Company in India – Biobrick Pharma clearly defines the excellence and quality through its pharmaceutical products that we have been severing for the last 5 years. The company is nationally appreciated and trusted for delivering effective and High-quality pharma drug range to the consumers for better treatment at the most affordable rates. Being the leading Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer and Supplier in India; we are an ideal choice for many pharmaceutical companies all over the nation. All our products are made in state-of-art production facilities after being personally tested by the experts. With the help of our research and development team, we can bring new and better innovations constantly in the market which are pure, safe, and effective in curing health diseases.

Being among the top ISO certified Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Company in India we work intending to deliver quality approved medicine range to their partners so they can have a successful venture for themselves. We have appointed a team of professionals who help us to work effectively without any barrier and break. We have strong and well-developed Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems that help us to offer effective and better medicines to our associates. We have set up our manufacturing sites as per Schedule M and have all the necessary facilities. The company has the flexibility to integrate perfectly into the supply chain for the satisfaction of our customers.

Strict Quality Control and Product Assurance Steps Taken at Biobrick Pharma

Quality of our products has always been our main priority thus we pay extra attention towards our manufacturing plants and packaging area. Every single medicine made in our sites goes through several tests and examinations before getting delivered to our partner’s venture. The entire tests take place under the supervision of the experts as they are not only able to supervise the quality of the product but also the packaging in which they are packed. The material used for the packaging is A-grade and germ-free.

Here are steps have taken us to ensure the quality of the medicine:

  • Material Management as per CGMP norms
  • Laid Quality parameters for all inputs in the company
  • Quality Assurance through In Process Control Parameters
  • Repetitive Training for better consistent quality
  • Functions as per Indian Medical Association Rules and Regulations
  • Commitment to Safety and environmental standards at every step.

Essential Steps Taken For Manufacturing Soft Gelatin Capsules

Production of Soft Gelatin Capsule is different from manufacturing hard capsules thus there are different considerations we take into account for the manufacturing. Being the leading Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer and Suppliers in India, we’ve outlined the most important factors we make sure of while manufacturing a quality range of Soft Gelatin Capsule at our sites.

Here are the steps were taken by us to maintain the quality production;

Equipment Speed – The speed of our machines determines the manufacturing process’s output capacity. While maintaining the speed of our equipment for faster manufacturing, we also keep in mind that our output still needs to be managed by our staff thus we have appointed a team of experts in our company who help us to work efficiently.

High-Tech Machinery – The machinery plays an important in the quality of medicines and we understand that thus we have a well-established infrastructure installed at our production sites for high quality and effective medicines. Moreover, the team that operates the machinery is skilled, talented, and experienced in their own fields.

Soft Gelatin Process – Manufacturing a Soft Gelatin Capsule seems like a tricky task as it has to be made with lots of care and in a contaminated free area. The medicine already has too much moisture substance in it, thus working in not a proper temperature control can degrade the product quality and make the softgel capsules too sticky. Therefore we have well-maintained temperature control units to manufacture our Soft Gelatin Capsule.

Biobrick Pharma “Leading Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer and Suppliers in India”

We are offering the best third-party soft gelatine capsules manufacturing services in India to many pharma companies at affordable rates. The company provides the best and effective solutions to the associates modern and hi-tech instruments give the best quality products at reasonable rates. We have been conferred as the best Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturer and Suppliers in India.

Here are the factors that make us the best:

Quality assurance: Since we being the top Soft Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Company in India are certified by standard parameters of quality measurements such as ISO, DCGI, WHO, GMP, etc. thus we offer the full quality assurance of our items to our partners.

On-time delivery: Tied up with the best distribution channels all over the nation. We can deliver our all orders in the prescribed time frame.

Cost-efficient: Our products are manufactured with prominent techniques and output which help us to work more effectively and also our manufacturing units are in Tax-free zone the work done by us are cost-efficient.

We have a wide variety of formulations that we are offering in our Third Party Manufacturing services for Soft Gelatin Capsules.

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