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Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Top Injection Manufacturing Company in India – Biobrick Pharma, established in the year 2015 is a reputed company engaged in the manufacturing and trading of a wide range of injections, tablets, capsules, syrups, soft gel, and hard gelatin capsules, etc. We are an ISO accredited company with WHO & GMP certified units that manufactures all the products under the norms of the healthcare organization to maintain the national as well as international quality standards.

Now the pharmaceutical industry is expanding very rapidly because of the increasing demands of pharma products and injection, as per the report the market of injectable products has reached the worth of USD 483.45 billion in the year 2019, and it is rising at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9%, and many experts are expecting it to reach USD 1,251.28 billion by the end of 2027. Looking at these facts it becomes obvious that the demand for injectable products is going to be at a peak in the coming time as well, which is the reason that many injection manufacturing companies are investing more in injectables.

The increasing chronic health issues like Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes, and Wilson’s disease like autoimmune diseases, cystic fibrosis, hepatitis C, hemophilia, etc. are also the reasons for increasing demand for injectables, as these issues can be cured effectively with injections. We BioBrick Pharma, being the top Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in India, think it’s our responsibility to contribute as much as we can in the world for mankind.

For the last 5 years, we have been offering reliable injection manufacturing services in India and bring new and innovative injection formulations to bring in the market for curing many other health diseases. Some experts of the industry are working with us who dedicate their best efforts to formulating and manufacturing the best quality products for our partners to distribute all over the nation at affordable prices. We have a wide product portfolio of 400+ products that we manufacture with many different and well-known brands. We have established ourselves in the field of Injection Manufacturer and Suppliers in India and with the help of our franchise partners, we became about to cure many diseases and make living healthy.

Quality Assurance Steps Taken to Ensure the Effectiveness of Injections

Biobrick Pharma has been appreciated and trusted for its quality and packaging of the products. we being one of the key players and top Injection Manufacturer and Suppliers in India understand the importance of life thus we manufacture only quality approved thus range in our certified units.

Steps we take to ensure the injection quality:

  • All our manufacturing units are WHO & GMP certified.
  • We have a special team appointed just to supervise the whole manufacturing to the packaging process.
  • Several quality checks are conducted in our company just to ensure the effectiveness of the injections.
  • All the manufacturing and wrapping take place in sanitizing and temperature-controlled room.

Process of Third Party Injection Manufacturing at our Sites

Here we have got a procedure of our manufacturing process which will help you to understand our company working method in a better way. We have a huge team of workers who are the main heroes of our company as they put their all dedication and hard work into our production process.

Here the steps we follow for the production:

Finalizing Order Quantity And Composition – The first step is to make a deal with the partner about the quantity and compositions they want. As when they will us a final answer about the quality of injections they want with the formulizations they like to have, we move to another step.

Raising Quotation – The next step is to state our price which we put after calculation our all requirements such as raw material cost, production chargers, packaging material, etc. when we are ready with the final quotation we put it in front of our partners to discuss it further.

Required Documents – There are some necessary documents are needed such as a Drug license and GST number and sometimes even the registration document of your firm or company is also required. DL is issued by your local Food and Drug authorities and GST by the Government.

Packing Material – We provide our partners with the customized packaging material option so that they can have their products look the way they like in terms of color, name, and material. Will packaging we provide every detail of the medicine on them so it easy for the doctor and consumer to understand the requirement of the medicines.

Product Manufacturing – The main task that takes place is well-maintained and prepared manufacturing units that are national and international certified and ensures the quality of the injections to be 100%. All the production takes place under the supervision of the experts and goes through several tests before getting shift to the final step.

Product Delivery – The final step of our procedure includes packing our whole product by using quality-approved material which is done in a temperature-controlled and germ-free warehouse. After the whole order is packaged it is delivered to our partner’s sites.

Standard Steps Taken By Biobrick Pharma for Cost-Efficient Work

We are known as the best Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in India as the company works most effectively and efficiently. There are many strict steps taken by us which help us to work in better ways. We understand the importance of the money thus we go through several parameters that help us to reduce our production chargers which also reduces the prices of our medicines.

Measurements take by us:

Shorten the manufacturing cycle – We make effort to shorten the process of the forming technique of injection by drawing up a reasonable systematic manner, making use of scientific and economic equipment, and using the latest techniques to manufacture single-piece production into multi-piece production.

Reduce cost – The company has also taken some efficient steps to reduce the cost of mold manufacturing by making the use of rational material, prolong the service of the injection molding tool life, and shortening the manufacturing process of injection molding.

Use of Better technological level – We have opted for new techniques and latest machinery in our production sites, with the new materials to improve the manufacturing efficiency for better results.

Top Third Party Injection Manufacturing Company in India

Biobrick pharma delivers the best pharmaceutical products range in the market with the most eye-catching prices. We are trying to deliver very easy and flexible business opportunities to our partners in the form of PCD Pharma Franchise and by offering our best third party injection manufacturing services in India. With the help of our skilled and experienced staff, we are capable to manufacture and delivering bulk orders in the shortest time frame.

Reasons to work with also include:

  • Our partners get the most reasonable and affordable business deals from us.
  • The company has vast production capacity which helps us to complete our all assignments in time.
  • With the help of our logical team, we can deliver all our orders in the prescribed time.
  • Our R&D team constantly brings new formulations to the market which also helps us to update our partner’s product portfolio.
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