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Cefobik contains the molecules of Cefpodoxime suspension which is an antibiotic and used for treating a wide range of bacterial infections occurring in the ear, nose, and other organs of the body. It also treats infections in internal organs such as the lungs and throat. This medicine is also effective for fever.

Cefpodoxime Proxetil Dry Syrup works by restricting the bacteria to build a protective wall which is essential for bacteria’s growth. The substance of this medication fights against bacteria and protects the body from infection. This suspension comes in the form of dry syrup and basically used for a newborn as well as for an infant. 

Precautions For Cefpodoxime Proxetil Dry Syrup

Take this medicine according to the prescription given by the physician. This medicine should be taken with food to avoid stomach upset. Do not skip any dosage till the course of this medicine will be completed.

Side Effects For Cefpodoxime Proxetil Oral Suspension

This suspension does not contain any serious side effects but then also it is essential to visit the doctor if the below-mentioned common symptoms get worse. Talk to the doctor before starting the course of this medicine.

  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Mood Changes
  • Unusual Tiredness

Contact For Cefpodoxime Dry Syrup Manufacturing and Supply

Biobrick Pharma has made a reputable place in the pharmaceutical industry because of its genuine services, and high quality products. The company is a well-known supplier and manufacturer of Cefpodoxime suspension, and other pharmaceutical products. We follow all the norms laid by Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to maintain the quality of the products. Our supply chain managers especially take care of all processes till the products deliver to the customer. The drug inspectors examine the composition at each step and they systematically coordinate them. Not only this but we also provide the best PCD Pharma Franchise for Cefpodoxime suspension along with full monopoly rights.

  • Our manufacturing plants are situated in tax-free zones that make the whole deal affordable.
  • Our production team used the hi-tech machinery at the unit which is the main reason behind our quality products.
  • The company has an R & D team that works for innovating the products and updating the product portfolio.
  • We are an ISO-certified company and manufacture  DCGI and FSSAI approved products.

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