Liquid Paraffin + Milk Of Magnesia + Sodium Picosulfate Suspension




Liquid Paraffin + Milk Of Magnesia + Sodium Picosulfate Suspension comes with the branding “LEXZON-PLUS” and is used for medical conditions related to constipation including piles, fistula in ano, hernia, cardiovascular disease, before and after endoscopy, before and after radioscopy, before surgery and after surgery, elderly persons and bedridden patients.   

Liquid Paraffin + Milk Of Magnesia + Sodium Picosulfate Suspension contains liquid paraffin intended to soften the faecal mass and soak up the water like Milk of Magnesia contained in the composition which helps to stimulate the movement of the colon by drawing water into the colon and Sodium picosulfate which is a chemical designed to prevent water from being absorbed in the colon. Altogether, they are appropriate in the effectiveness of eliminating constipation issues.  

Medical Benefits  

  •  It includes liquid paraffin, milk of magne&sia and sodium Picosulphate.  
  •  About the bowel movement and the nature of the stool, liquid paraffin has a soothing effect.  
  •  Milk of magnesia removes excess acid from the stomach and softens the stools in the intestines to enable easy passage through the colon.  
  •  Sodium picosulfate exists as a stimulant of muscular contraction, which enhances the removal of waste products.  
  • Together, they act as an efficient solution for constipation.  

 Directions For Use  

  • Liquid Paraffin + Milk Of Magnesia + Sodium Picosulfate Suspension should be shaken well before its use.  
  • It should be taken in the way it is prescribed by the doctor or following the instructions printed on the bottle.  


  • This suspension should be stored in a cool and dry place, especially in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight.  
  • You should store Liquid Paraffin + Milk Of Magnesia + Sodium Picosulfate Suspension in a cool and dry place.  
  • Ensure that the household members especially children do not have easy access to the medication.  


  • It should not be taken with any other medication due to conflict with such medicines as an antibiotic (tetracycline), diuretics (furosemide), and steroids (prednisolone).  
  • This medication should not be taken by pregnant and nursing women without the advice of a doctor. One can also be used together with intestinal obstruction disorder, appendicitis, intestinal blockage and inflammation of the bowel.  
  • If you suffer from renal or hepatic disorders/renal dysfunction do not begin taking it without a doctor’s advice.  

 Side Effects  

  •  Dizziness  
  •  Fatigue  
  •  Loss of appetite  
  •  Pain or cramps  
  •  Muscle weakness  
  •  Itching of skin  

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Can this medicine help in weight loss?  

Specifically, this type of medication will not help shed some extra pounds, so do not expect that. Even it does not slow the rate at which calories or nutrients are taken in by the body. It may result in dehydration, it feels like losing weight without eating, so make sure to drink a lot of water.  

Can I use this composition together with other medicines?  

It is suggested that you check with your doctor to know whether you should take it with other drugs since stomach emptying is accelerated leading to other drug interference.  

Does this medication cause the patient to become dehydrated?  

An excess amount of it has dehydrating effects; which can result in weakness, tremors, fainting and blurred vision. Ensure one drinks enough water and in case of realization of any of these symptoms, one should visit a doctor.  

Is diarrhoea a side effect of this suspension?  

When ingested in large amounts it can cause diarrhea. However, if it does, drink fluids in adequate proportions and take foods that have fibre content in them. If you have bloody stools/too frequent bowel movements, immediately consult your doctor and do not take any medication for your diarrhea.  

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