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BIKOMIN-1500 is the fusion of Mecobalamin Injection used to treat deficiency of vitamin B13 and also used in anaemia. It is a widely used medicine that is for when the red blood cells stop working properly.

Vitamin B12 deficiency, anaemia, and discomfort are all treated with this injection. This injection includes Mecobalamin, often known as vitamin B12, or Methylcobalamin. It aids in the development of red blood cells, cell metabolism, neuron function, and DNA synthesis. Apart from that, methylcobalamin injections are useful for treating or preventing vitamin B12 deficiency, pernicious anaemia, and Imerslund-Grasbeck illness, among other things. Methycobal Injection is a kind of vitamin B12 that helps to restore vitamin B12 levels in the body, which can assist with anaemia and neurological disorders.

Benefits Of Mecobalamin Injection

  • Beneficial for red blood cell formation.
  • Treat vitamin B12 deficiency in the body.
  • Also treats issues like anaemia.

Direction To Use This Medicine 

Mecobalamin Injection must be injected in the vein under the supervision of the doctor. Do not inject by yourself, always get this from healthcare professionals.

Precautions For Mecobalamin Injection

Do not get Mecobalamin Injection if the patient already has a large amount of B12. Always seek treatment if the patient gets allergic to this medicine. Take a proper meal while getting this medicine. This medication may be used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that includes dietary modifications as well as the use of other medications and supplements. Learn about the foods to consume to ensure that you receive enough vitamin B12 in your diet.

Side Effects Of Mecobalamin Injection

Nausea, limb soreness, and injection site responses are the most typical adverse effects of this injection. If you’re taking this prescription for a long time, your doctor may want to check your kidney function, liver function, and blood component levels on a frequent basis. Long-term usage might cause major side effects including gastrointestinal bleeding and renal issues.

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